Compatible Kenwood TK2200 Battery


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Warranty: 1 Year


Premium quality Kenwood TK2200 two way radio replacement battery. This Kenwood TK2200 radio battery is Compatible with the original equipment.

Designed for reliable performance and high durability. Trusted by government officials, contractors, and consumers everywhere.

The Kenwood TK2200 Replacement Battery has been cross-referenced to be compatible with or replace these OEM part numbers and models:







  • TH3212
  • TK2200
  • TK2200L
  • TK2200LP
  • TK2207
  • TK2207
  • TK2212
  • TK2212L
  • TK2300
  • TK2300VP
  • TK2302
  • TK2302VK
  • TK2312
  • TK2400VP
  • TK2402VK
  • TK3200
  • TK3200L
  • TK3200LP
  • TK3207
  • TK3207
  • TK3212L
  • TK3300
  • TK3300UP
  • TK3302
  • TK3302UK
  • TK3312
  • TK3312
  • TK3400UP
  • TK3402UK
    BM Part #: BPKNB29MH
    Voltage: 7.5 Volt
    Capacity: 1500mAh
    Type: Ni-MH
    Shipping Weight: 1.00Lbs
    Warranty: 1 Year

    Two Way Radio World was founded in 2013 by a retired EMT and firefighter who understood that communication is key in any organization and institution ranging from police departments to construction companies. Two way radios are essential for this communication, but the marketplace was filled with unreliable and overpriced products.

    Our goal was to change that. We provide high quality two way radio batteries and chargers at the lowest price on the market backed by excellent customer service. We also know you need your batteries quickly and so we ship from California and ship same day. 

    We have served thousands of customers and hundreds of fire departments, police departments and government institutions. They rely on our items on a daily basis and we hope you can let us serve you.